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Music, Karaoke, & other events planned for the next few weeks. 



April 21st
Hot Flash Blues
The ladies are back live at Swanee's.   You need to be there for this great sound. 
9 pm to 1:00am
April 14th
Souther Comfort
Traditional country rock and here for the first time. 
9 pm to 1:00am
March 31st
Soul City Cowboys
Exceptional talent and quality country rock and rock n roll.
9 pm to 1:00am
March 24th
This is great music for the cover tunes party crowd who wants to dance to tunes they know and love. 
9 pm to 1:00am
March 9th
Christian Johnson
Legendary accoustic sensation is returning to entertain as we all have come to expect.
9 pm to 1:00am
February 24th
Gladys Friday
Returning again for another guaranteed good show!!!
9 pm to 1:00am


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